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Our Services
Component I :  Recruitment Drop-in- Center
The A.M.I.G.O.S. Drop-in Center offers 100+ adults social, recreational, supportive education, consumer self-help, networking and peer support activities as well as referral services.
Our objective is to develop the motivation to work and to also instill the basic skill sets and mental stability to function in a normalized work environment. The Live, Learn, Work (Supportive Employment Continuumconsists of four components.
Component II :  Entry Level Employment
Entry Level Employment offers introduction to work skills development, interpersonal skills and paid vocational training  (trades and general assembly) in a least restrictive, psycho-sensitive, normalized, low pressure environment.
The Affirmative Enterprises offers a variety of supported employment opportunities within the Jeff Industries Tropical Sun agency owned businesses, (i.e. sign making, wood working, janitorial, embroidery, food service, graphic design and direct to garment print service).

Component III :  Affirmative Enterprises Employment
This component provides a paid work experience in a normalized environment while earning minimum wage. Participants work on improving problems and barriers which have been preventing them from securing and maintaining employment under the supervision of a Job Coach.
Component IV :  Community Based Job Placement
This component offers participants the opportunity to secure and maintain community-based employment  in an integrated work setting. A Job Coach/ Placement Specialist will assist each individual in preparing for interviews, obtaining employment, and will regularly follow-up to ensure the success of the placement.
In the event a placement is unsuccessful, a "safety net" is in place to allow the participant the option of transition into an alternative component.
The Palm Haven Housing project offers permanent, supportive and affordable housing for 10 adults with mental illness.
Pathway to Graduation 

The Pathway to Graduation assists at-risk ESE youth with severe emotional, behavioral and cognitive challenges enrolled in the Ed Venture Charter School to prepare and transition to post-secondary options. A full time transitional specialist provides transition services for post-secondary preparedness. She facilitates transition groups and employment readiness.This person also collaborates with community agencies and monitors community transition.

Agency programs are contracted by Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network, Palm Beach County Community Services and United Way of Palm Beach County. The agency also derives support through the operation of non-profit Affirmative Businesses which provide paid employment and vocational training in normalized environments, as well as, grants from foundations and donations.
The "Good Food for Good Mental Health" program offers nutritional education, balanced meals and healthy groceries to qualified participants. Participants are taught healthy food choices, the nutritional value of foods and how to maintain a healthy diet. We also have added a vegetable and fruit garden on our property. This garden increases our ability to distribute fresh healthy produce. We also use the produce in our nutrition classes to demonstrate how to prepare and provide healthy food and meals.

Please click icon to download the Jeff Industries Deaf and Hard of Hearing Limited English Proficiency and Auxiliary Aids Plan