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Jeff Industries, Inc. ® 113 East Coast Ave.Hypoluxo,FL 33462       561-547-9258
Jeff Industries' Mission is to improve people's lives by pioneering services that sustain effective mental health.The agency is dedicated to creating research-driven, life improvement services for persons and their families who experience the effects of severe and persistent mental illness and those with coexisting secondary disorders as well as at-risk youth and families.
Mission Statement
Jeff Industries, Inc. is a nonprofit organization   (501c3)
Jeff Industries was started by a group of parents and is the result of a grass roots effort. In the mid 1970's, a young man named Jeff was about to graduate from college when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and committed to the State Mental Hospital. He spent seven years in the hospital prior to being released to his elderly parents, not because he was better, but because a lawsuit determined the state hospital was a bad place. Jeff moved back in to his boyhood bedroom in Delray Beach where he would continue to exhibit the same serious symptoms of mental illness that put him in the hospital. One day a month his dad would take him from his room to the South County Mental Health Center to see his doctor. The doctor would spend the allotted twenty minutes with him, give him a prescription for medication and reschedule him for the next month. One morning his dad knocked on Jeff's bedroom door to gather him for his next doctor's appointment when he heard a gunshot. Jeff put a gun in his mouth, pulled the trigger and killed himself. Jeff left a note stating, " I have no reason to wake up." At that time there were no (zero) community-based programs in place that assisted persons with mental illnesses in getting on with their lives and integrating them into the mainstream community. In 1983 Jeff Industries was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) agency  by his parents/grass roots Board of Directors. Jeff Industries, Inc. was created to fill a need for meaningful community-based programs that assisted mentally ill persons in the transition from hospital to the community. Adults with serious mental illnesses were given the opportunity to be productive and to increase self-esteem by building picnic tables and bike racks, etc. This program helped ease these individuals back into the community and gave them " a reason to wake up".
Over the years, the program blossomed into a regarded multi-faceted, vocational training and employment oriented therapeutic rehabilitation center. The adult work center offers paid training and employment opportunities through Tropical Sun Enterprises : embroidery and fabric printing; CNC routed and sandblasted signs; vinyl lettering; large format digital printing; general construction and woodworking; culinary arts; janitorial services) as well as, job placement services. The work/vocational center has received Local, State and National recognition, and has been recognized as one of only three state-wide mental health organizations for use of Best Practices by the National Alliance on Mental illness (NAMI).
The A.M.I.G.O.S. Drop-in Center was established in 1988 (NAMI) to provide social and recreational activities, as well as counseling, advocacy, peer support and assistance to clients to learn self-advocacy and how to navigate community resource systems. The agency received the ( "2018 Employment Center of the Year" ) award from Respect of Florida for outstanding performance in the production of quality commodities.
The Palm Haven Housing Project was completed in 2001. It is the result of a three-year vocational training program by EdVenture Charter School students and Jeff Industries, Inc. adult participants. Currently, it offers permanent, supportive and affordable housing for 10 adults with mental illnesses.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We comply with the Americans with Disability Act. Persons needing special accommodations to attend meetings should notify the agency at least 7 days in advance of the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made whenever possible.

We promote equal accessibility to agency programs and services facilitated through our Limited English Proficiency and Auxiliary Aids plans.